The Console War Musical

by Random Encounters

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2012/2013 next gen console wars. PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. Wii U
with Legend of Katie, Batman DeathWish's Jen Zhang, and Kill9TV's Michelle Osorio!


PS4: Today's the day!
The Console War has begun!
We're launching PS4
Against the XBox One!

We've got the best new games
And tons of indie support!
You mess with Sony, MS,
and yes, you'll come up short!

XBO: This is it!
Our console's ready for war!
Release the Xbox One
To ravage PS4!

It's packed with Kinect 2
And armed with Xbox Live!
We'll port all Gamerscores
And unleash Halo 5!

WII: This new Wii U's armed with tech to the teeth!
NFC touchscreen and more!
No other games claim the same fame or fun!
So who would pay more for PS4 or Xbox One!

PS4: DualShock has a touchpad
People love so much that
We've installed a button
Just to Share!

XBO: Evolving Achievements
Lead us to believe that
Xbox One has class to spare!

WII: First strike was Nintendo's!
Batten down the Friend Codes!
Time to finally end those

ALL: Console Wars!

PS4: PS4
Will conquer One and Wii U
With its renewed support
It missed since PlayStation 2!

XBO: We aren't supporting used games-
-I mean, I guess they seem fine…
They must be played on the web-
…Okay, or stay offline…

WII: Activate add-ons and lock on party games!
PS4: PSN Servers were hacked… Again…
XBO: No prior downloaded games could be saved to Xbox One…
ALL: But still, we're hardcore and far more prepped for this Console War!

PS4: Fancy specs!
XBO: Apps to spare!
WII: Wacky tech!
…no one cares…

XBO: Change the name!
PS4: Stay the course!
WII: Make great games until we
ALL: Win… the Console Wars!


released November 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Random Encounters Los Angeles, California

Part Walt Disney and part Monty Python, Random Encounters lovingly -- musically -- pokes and prods at everyone's favorite games as only a squadron of nerds could. Absurdist, brain-damaging, and undeniably crafty at the same time, Peter and AJ invite you to dig out your inner otaku and enjoy a few incredibly Random Encounters.

WARNING: Musicals are not for everyone. But they should be.
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