Dance of the Sugar Plum Clefairy

by Random Encounters

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A Clefairy Christmas


"On cold, snowy nights,
The Legends all say
that once you leave home,
Clefairies come play…"

Late at night, Clefairy
Does a dance-
Loves to prance-
Wears your pants-
as Clefairies do.

Eats your sweets and throws your
Coats your chair's
Seat in crazy glue!

Just for fun, Clefairy
Makes a beard!
Gets it smeared!
Acting weird's
what Clefairies do!

…raves in the halls!
…painting the walls!
…hundreds of scrawls
of the moon!

"Clefairy golf may seem bizarre,
but on the green, they're -mostly- par.

Then batter's up! A perfect swing!
Clefairy's… breaking all your things…

He flees the scene and hops inside
The garbage can he likes to ride!

And yes, it's true. Clefairies are
The weirdest guests around… by far…"

Baking with Clefairy!
Hiding in
Laundry bins!
Take a swim!
Peeing on the floor!

Sitting on your stove top-
Butt enflamed!
Run away!
Dousing a
fluffy burnt s'more!

Under beds, Clefairy
Eats your shoes!
Drinks your booze!
Takes a snooze,
drinks a little more-


Wish him goodnight.
Lock your door tight.
Now you think like
Clefairies do!


released December 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Random Encounters Los Angeles, California

Part Walt Disney and part Monty Python, Random Encounters lovingly -- musically -- pokes and prods at everyone's favorite games as only a squadron of nerds could. Absurdist, brain-damaging, and undeniably crafty at the same time, Peter and AJ invite you to dig out your inner otaku and enjoy a few incredibly Random Encounters.

WARNING: Musicals are not for everyone. But they should be.
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